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~About you~
What's your name?: Not telling...

Why were you named that?: It was my great aunt's name.

Are you male or female?: Female

Would you rather be the opposite gender?: Nope

How old are you?: Never telling...

How tall are you?: I'm kinda short. :(

Are you happy with your height?: Nope.

How much do you weigh?: I'm kinda thin, but I don't know.

Are you happy with your weight?: Yeah, pretty much.

What color are your eyes?: Honey

What's the natural color of your hair?: Dark red.

Do your dye your hair? If so, what color?: Never dyed it.

What is the length of your hair?: It's short and stops a little below my ears.

Do you know your blood type? If so what is it?: Don't know.

Are you happy with your appearance?: Never!

What is your sexuality?: Well, I like Johnny Depp, go figure.

~What's your favorite...~
Food: I like spinach pasta, lettuce and mayo sandwiches, salami on pastries, and key lime yogurt, sometimes all at the same time if I feel like having a banquet. But I have been told that I have the oddest diet. I haven't quite figured out why yet. But generally I'm not a big fan of food, I only eat so I can stay alive.

Drink: Hmmm, tea, pineapple juice, lemonade, pink lemonade, orange lemonade that always manages to taste oddly like oranges, hot chocolate (hold the mustard), and Sprite.

Color: Black, red, grey, and white. In that order.

Animal: I have never met very many animals but am very thoroughly acquainted with my dog.  

Book: I collect antique and vintage etiquette books, but I'd have to say that my favorite book of all time is Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I also love the works of Edgar Allan Poe, that are even more amazing when one thinks about his magnificent triangular hairline.  

Magazine: Although it is packed full of things that are mostly rather shabby looking and remind me of rather elderly women and their are only a few fantastic finds, I love Victorian Trading Company.

Newspaper: I have never read this newspaper that you speak of...

Website: DeviantART, or else I would not still be here, Etsy to feed my vast appetite for stylish clothing, and Modcloth; did I mention that I like stylish clothing?

Pen: My Jane Austen fountain pen.

Movie: Oh my goodness, where shall I begin! Sweeney Todd, Star Wars, Beetlejuice, Sense and Sensibility, Dark Shadows, The Man who Could Cheat Death, Torture Garden (it sounds perfectly horrifying, I know, but think very old horror movie with very old special effects and very young Peter Cushing), Harry Potter, Hellboy 1 and 2, anything Vincent Price, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter or Johnny Depp.

Holiday: Christmas, of course! (So I can get more stylish clothing)

Outfit: I like putting together my bustle coat, my top hat, my parasol and my lace gloves. I also like to wear my Frankenstein shirt with a pair of black and white striped gloves.

Childhood story: I like the one about the goats, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and the dinosaurs.

Weather: I like dark overcast days that practically force me to throw on my trench coats.

Eye color: My own.

Music player: The one on my computer; it lets me listen to whatever I want and has no opinion about it.

Song: A Little Priest, By the Sea, Prologue: Into the Woods, No One is Alone, Giants in the Sky, Finishing the Hat, Devonshire (from the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack), Jack's Lament, Beetlejuice theme, My Friends, Master of the House, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Cara Mia Addio, Victor's Piano Duet, The Park on Piano, Red Hands, and Johanna.

Sport: I despise sports but love riding my bicycle.

Vacation spot: I like Paris. I fit in very nicely over there.

Ocean: The one I can hear in my head when I hold my breath too long.

Shampoo: Honestly, I don't even know what kind of shampoo I use.

Perfume: Soul by Curve and Mariah Carey perfume.

Computer/Laptop: The one I'm using right now, I named it Mrs. Lovett.

Store: Fry's Electronics, (my mind is not mechanical, but I find it rather pleasant in there), Hot Topic, (I am willing to get my eardrums blasted out to get an awesome shirt or a pretty dress), and Kohls (a rather normal store, but once in a while I'll find myself something nice).  

Clothing brand: Spin Doctor, Knitted Dove, Hell Bunny, and Hopeless Romantic.

Shoe: I have these rather adorable black and white polka dot shoes.

~This or That~
Pepsi or Coke?: Coke, Pepsi tastes like congested Coke.

Water or Tea?: Tea, I like Lady Grey tea.

Braces or Retainer?: Thank goodness I don't need either.

Bed or Couch?: Um, couch I suppose.

Past or Future?: Both, I'm pretty fond of present too.

Woods or City?: City, they have more clothing stores over there.

School or Work (as in job)?: Work, school puts me around too many people.

Sun or Moon?: Moon, it's when the werewolves come out. I am rather acquainted with one. Larry, he calls himself.

Fire or Water?: Water, you can't drink fire can you? Well, I suppose you could.

TV or Computer?: Computer, unless the TV involves Sherlock.

Shower or Bath?: Bath, with all the bubbles.

Unusual or Normal?: Unusual, why would I want normal? Normal is boring.

Predictable or Unpredictable?: Unpredictable, it makes life more exciting.

Explainable or Unexplainable?: Unexplained, so then I have to think about it.

Honesty or Deceit?: Both are fun.

Together or Alone?: I like being alone but I get lonely so then I like being together with someone, but then I tire of them and want to be alone again. But then I get lonely and go find someone to be with, but then I tire of them and want to be alone.

Sunny or Rainy?: Rainy, so I can wear a coat and a hat. But then I can't ride my bike. :(

Cats or Dogs?: My dog is the best dog in the world.

Reptiles or Birds?: I had a turtle once, it was boring.

Poltergeists or Demons?: Where can I become acquainted with either?

Eating or Starvation?: Both, at the same time.

Summer or Winter?: Winter, so I can wear my hats.

Night-Owl or Early-Bird?: Night owl, I saw an owl last night. I didn't see a bird this morning.

Peace or War?: Both.

God or Satan?: Never met either of them.

Life or Death? Both.

~First Thing To Come To Your Mind...~
Blood: Ouch.

Nightmare: Before Christmas.

Clown: One of Tim Burton's drawings, and also Killer Klowns from Outer Space (one of my favorite movies).

Squirrel: A purse I just saw with squirrels all over it.

Great: Small.

Royal: The Red Queen.

Fangs: Barnabas Collins biting Julia Hoffman.

Inside: Outside, where my bike is.

Outside: Where my bike is.

Voices: In my head.

Darkness: In my room, so then I turn on my light.

Light: What I turn on to have light in my room.

Snake: I found a preserved one in the science lab once, it smelled weird.

Bed: Wow.

Ocean: I've never been.

Family: A  Christmas Carol.

Myths: Truths, but those are never as fun.

Demons: I don't believe we've met.

Angels: A doll I had once with angel wings.

Love: Severus Snape <3 <3, Johnny Depp <3 <3

Hate: Dull books.

God: Never met him.

Satan: I'm pretty sure I've never met him, either.

Nothing: Somefink.

The Unknown: I'm gonna find out all about this.

~The What's, Who's, When's and Why~
What's your new years revolution for this year?: I don't have one, maybe I'll buy more hats.

What's your current pet(s) name(s)?: Mimi.

What's your relationship status currently?: Um, I'm not currently romantically attached to anyone I know, except Severus Snape. I don't quite know how he feels about it yet.

What's your current health (unhealthy or healthy?)?: Both.

What's your current mood?: Cheery.

What's the nearest book to you?: World Geography.

What's the color of your nails/toenails?: I just painted my nails clear and my toenails white. I don't like bright colors.

What's the time where you're at?: It's time to eat breakfast.

What's the one thing you'd DIE before doing?: Eat breakfast.

What's the name of the person you love?: My sister.

What's the name of the person you hate?: My sister.

What's the subject in school/college that you just hate(d)?: Spanish and Geography.

Who's the bestest friend what you wouldn't trade for the world?: My sister.

Who's "that" friend who has a heart of gold?: My sister.

Who's the person who you love but doesn't love like that back?: Everybody, except my sister.

Who's the person you would never hurt?: My sister.

Who's the person you'd confess anything to?: My sister (seeing a pattern yet?)

Who's the person you argued with? Not my sister.

Who's the last person to say 'I love you' to you?: My sister...I think.

Who's the last person you said 'I love you' to?: My sister...and Severus Snape.

Who's the last person to hug you (through the internet & in person)?: My sister.

Who's the last person you punched?: My pillow.

Who's the last person to help you out with something?: I helped myself to some cookies.

Who's the last person you called on the phone?: A friend, but then I lost her phone number.

Who's the last person you saw?: Johnny Depp, on my desktop.

Who's the last person you talked to?: My plush Edgar Allan Poe.

When was the last time you just stopped and were happy for what you have?: Yesterday, I stopped to admire my coats.

When was the last time you hit something to take all the frustration out?: What frustration?

When was the last time you wrote your feelings down?: I hate diaries, you're suppose to write your feelings down but by the time you get them into words they aren't the same feeling anymore. That's enough for me to hit something to take all the frustration out.

When was the last time you spent quality time with your family?: Does time with my sister count?

When was the last time you did something for somebody without asking anything in return?: All the time, people have nothing I want. Unless they have a hat for me.

When was the last time you thought outside of the box?: I live outside the box.

When was the last time you believed in yourself? Believed in myself to do what?

When was the last time you confessed something to somebody?: I have nothing to confess.

When was the last time you felt remorse?: I went into the closet to get my favorite pair of shoes and they where covered with dog hair. I should have put them up higher. I felt very remorseful. But I got them cleaned!

When was the last time you felt pure joy?: When I met Tim Burton.

When was the last time you smiled and really meant it?: When I met Tim Burton.

When was the last time you cried yourself to sleep?: When I met Tim Burton, because I was so happy.

When was the last time you stood up for what you believe in?: What do I believe in?

When was the last time you stood up for someone who was hurt?: When my sister hurt her knee cap I stood up and walked over to the counter to get her some water.


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